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Samar Road Construction and Rehab Set

Samar Road Construction and Rehab Set

The Millennium Challenge Account Philippines signed a contract with the Qingjian Group Co. Ltd. – MAC Builders Joint Venture for the Contract Package 3 (CP-3) of the Secondary National Roads Development Project (SNRDP) in Eastern Samar.


The project consists of construction/rehabilitation of roads and bridges that includes widening, drainage installation and other safety improvements. CP-3 covers 64.6 kilometres of the total road length of about 222 kilometres. The roads and bridges are found along the San Julian to Balangkayan Road, Eastern Samar (KM 907+907 – KM 972+488). The project seeks to improve the living conditions of the people of Samar with the reduction of transportation time and costs.


The SNRDP road begins at the junction of the Pan Pacific Highway and Buray (Wright) in Western Samar and passes along the mountainous terrain to Taft. From Taft, it goes as far as the coastline of Eastern Samar ending in Guian.


The Philippine government included the road in the list of its projects to be financed by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) of the United States MCC allocated US$214.4 Million for the roads project from the total US$434 Million grant to the Philippines.


The CP-3 contract period began in September 2012 and its expected to be completed in September of 2015.

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