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The MB Human Resources Solutions (HRS) is a retainer program intended to aid clients focus on their core operations by outsourcing human resources functions. The scope of services include:

  1. Recruitment – job posting, sourcing, competence assessment, shortlisting, contract preparation, new employee orientation, and 201 filing;
  2. Organizational development – establish and monitor company policies, job description, succession planning, employee masterlist, communication process and system, and organizational chart;
  3. Training and Development – annual training needs analysis, training plan for employees, recommendation in-house and external training programs, and team-building arrangement and coordination;
  4. Performance Management – job analysis, periodic performance assessment, establish and monitor departmental goals (Key Result Areas and Key Performance Indicators), and employee productivity or accomplishment reports;
  5. Employee relations – employee engagement (coaching and mentoring), employee dialogue, disciplinary memo issuance (Notice to Explain), disciplinary actions and equal employment opportunity; and
  6. Labor relations – HR compliance, Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) compliance, conduct administrative hearings when necessary, and attend mediation-conciliation meetings.
  7. Compensation and Benefits – automated payroll system, attendance reports.

Clients also have the option to engage the firm for HR Consultancy for:

Transitional or intermediate HR consultation and audit (site visit)

  1. HR management and communications support
  2. Benefits Planning Management
  3. Annual Management Review
  4. HR periodic reporting

For inquiries on the program, email our HR Director, Ms. Mayee V. Mercado at mayee@mblawofficesph.com or call (632) 8571 48 86.